Francis Ukpolo

Facebook Algorithm

Facebook's new algorithm uses a machine learning model called FAISS (Facebook AI Similarity Search). The new model customizes your news-feed in a way that it only shows you content you have searched for or engaged with in the past. It also measures video completion rate, which downgrades videos with low completion rates so they don’t show up on your news feed. 

Organic search has been down by over 50% since Facebook released the upgrade in March 2017. As a result, advertisers are increasing their budget for paid ads on Facebook in order to reach potential customers.

Interest x Post x Creator x Type x Date = News Feed Visibility

Factors that determine News Feed Visibility

  • Who posted it
  • How people engaged with it
  • Type of post - (Facebook Live and Native Videos are prioritized)
  • Time of the post
  • Click-bate monitoring – tracks the amount of time people spend reading an article
  • Long videos with high completion rates gets boosted feature

Best Practices

  • Turn on “Audience Optimization for Post” in settings – to optimize who sees your content.
  • Use relevant “interest” on post
  • Use captions on videos
  • Limit post to twice a day for 40% higher engagement
  • Ask a question for 162% more interactions

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